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Greece plans to reopen Tourism in 14th of May. Specifically, the Tourism minister Haris Theoharis stated: "We aim to open tourism by 14 May with specific rules and updated protocols. Until then, we will gradually lift restrictions if this is allowed by the estimates of infectious disease specialists for the development of the pandemic. For example, we plan for April, the trial implementation of the measures we have designed, in the first phase with visitors from European Union countries, as well as with other countries of departure where the vaccination has progressed, such as e.g. Israel. I stress, however, that all opening dates are indicative and may change, depending on developments. " 

You can be informed about all the key developments regarding the coronavirus measures in Greece, and the re-opening of the country to international tourism at: which is regularly updated.

Vaccination process of Greece


Τhe vaccination for Covid-19 has already started to take place in Greece since 27 of December 2020 and the pace which citizens are being vaccinated is growing rapidly. 


You can find how Greece is performing in regard to Covid-19 vaccination following the bellow link in which statistics are daily updated:

Timeline of Vaccine deliveries for Greece

Greece is receiving vaccines developed by Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca. Vaccines from Johnson & Johnson which will be single dose, have been approved and will start being delivered in April. 


In April, 1.620.000 doses will be delivered. In May 2.400.000 and in June 3.110.000. Furthermore, at the end of June, Greece will receive 7.130.000 doses while, at that time, 5 million vaccinations will have be made. 

Meanwhile, strict measures are still take place in order to minimize the spread of the virus and protect the vulnerable population (those with underline diseases or above 70 years old). The infectious disease specialists will allow the gradually lift of restrictions given the development of the vaccinations and confirmed cases.

The accelerating vaccination process, with the addition of the fourth vaccine against the new coronavirus, that of Johnson & Johnson which is single-dose, brings the plan closer to the bet of immunity. Happily, after one year of sacrifices, we see the development of this pandemic coming close to an end.  


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